Happy family on the sidewalk Happy family on the sidewalk

Hubbards Streetscape Project

A safe and responsible Hubbards built to support an active lifestyle community. 


Upland Planning + Design is working on a Community Plan for Hubbards. This is your chance to shape Hubbards’ future and have your voice heard! 

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Disclaimer: The Actions and Elements seen throughout this website are ideas to jumpstart a conversation on improving the Hubbards streetscape. A formal Site Plan is underway and community consultation is happening now!

Hubbards Streetscape Action Items

The Streetscape Committee has identified three significant areas which require action for community safety.


Action 1: Secure Investment in Safe Infrastructure

Action 1: Secure Investment in Safe Infrastructure

Eliminate Policy Barriers to Safe Streets

Action 2: Eliminate Policy Barriers to Safe Streets

A New Community Plan for Hubbards

Action 3: A New Community Plan for Hubbards

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About Hubbards Streetscape

What happens when a motivated group of concerned community members get together and decide it's time to do what it takes to make their streets safer, their community more beautiful, and attractive to tourists and visitors?

The Hubbards Streetscape Project happens! Our Facebook group grew exponentially within days with now over 1,200 passionate members. The media has been listening, businesses are offering support, and many residents have stepped forward to tell their personal stories. On this site you can learn more about the initiative, follow us in the news, and find out how you can help support this worthy cause. 

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What Our Community Says

Community members tell us why a safer Hubbards is important to them.

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