Image of hubbards harbour Image of hubbards harbour

What's New

  • HSP is excited to announce that they were successful in their application for funding from Community, Culture, Tourism and Heritage, to support the continued work and collaboration with Upland Planning and Design Studio! This funding will allow HSP and Upland to collaborate for the next year. HSP is thankful for the province of Nova Scotia, and its continued support for this project through the Active Communities Fund. With the continued guidance from Upland Planning and Design Studio, HSP can continue to work towards the goal of promoting and securing safe, active transportation space for hubbards and area!
  • The Hubbards Community Plan has been completed by Upland Planning and Design Studio and has been presented to HRM and the Chester Municipal Council. Presentations have also been given to HRM’s Transportation Standing Committee and the Active Transportation Advisory Committee. All presentations were well received and both municipalities agreed that the project is worth moving forward!
  • HSP partnered with Hubbards Barn Association and Aspotogan Heritage Trust this past spring and successfully secured the funding to improve accessibility to the Hubbards Barn, with the installation of a new sidewalk! The sidewalk has received rave reviews!
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