A New Community Plan for Hubbards A New Community Plan for Hubbards

Action 3

Create a New Community Plan for Hubbards

Disclaimer: The Actions listed here are ideas to jumpstart a conversation on improving the Hubbards streetscape. A formal Site Plan will be developed soon.


Hubbards has incredible untapped potential. Its waterfront is stunningly beautiful. Its architecture is historic and picturesque. It has bars, cafes, restaurants, a marina, bed n’ breakfasts, and more. It is a tourist attraction and has enormous potential for growth. Hubbards needs an updated plan to shape development and infrastructure to match this potential. 

The need is now more urgent than ever. Within a year, Highway 103 will be twinned between Hubbards and Halifax. This will create an easy, safe commute from Hubbards to Halifax, and will likely attract significant residential development to our community. 

Hubbards’ community plan has not been updated since 1995 on the Halifax side of the community. On the Chester side, we are designated as a hamlet with few specific details. The community deserves the opportunity to express what kind of place we want to become, so that new development will fit that vision. 

A new plan can accomplish the following: 

  • Define new development guidelines to enable and encourage residential and business growth that will enhance what we love about our community. 
  • Set new guidelines for designing our streets to achieve greater safety and to better fit local character. 
  • Identify low-cost short-term interventions to beautify our streets. 
  • Create an aspirational streetscaping design for our main street, towards which we can work as funding becomes available. 

We call on Chester and Halifax to work with Hubbards residents to engage a planning consultant to conduct a community visioning and planning projects for the Hubbards community.