Stephanie Blois-Snair

Hi! My name is Stephanie Blois and I am a mother of two children, age four and age 20 months.

I have been working full time as an Early Childhood Educator and Curriculum Facilitator at Through The Years Daycare for six years.

I attended Shatford Memorial Elementary school as a child. At that time, there were crossing guards to help children safely cross the road as even then, people drove too fast. I have been back in the area for seven years. I attended school and then began my job at Through the Years Daycare. In 2016, after having my daughter, I returned to work when she was eight months old. This is when I began walking back and forth to work while pushing the stroller. I then had a son in 2018, so now the stroller is a double one and there is even less room for it on the shoulder of the road.

I have had many close calls and three very close calls recently while walking to work with my children in the stroller. One of which resulted in the double stroller I was pushing to be knocked out of my hands. It then fell over a three foot slope and into someone’s driveway. Luckily no one was injured. Each day is a worry as we have to walk on Highway 3 to get to the daycare.

I am looking forward to raising my children in the Hubbards community as we have an amazing community! I just wish it was safer for children and adults walking and riding bicycles on the roads. I am excited to be a part of this initiative to take the next step forward for our community.

Two young children holding hands while seated in a double strolling.