Shaina Falcone

Shaina Falcone, Hubbards Streetscape committee member, laughing with son at the local beach.

Introducing: Shaina Falcone

I moved to Hubbards with my husband about 9 years ago; he is from this beautiful area, and always wanted to move back. Right away though, we noticed that the main road is not friendly to walkers, especially our young children. I’m striving to make this lovely community safer for pedestrians, young and old alike. We are a community of walkers and joggers and bikers, and I would like us all to feel safer traversing the main road.

My husband and I live on the main road, and our children walk to Shatford Elementary school. I wish I could just let my children walk out the door every day and feel confident that their short route to school is a safe one. This is not the case, as every single day cars speed by on Highway 3, oblivious to the fact that they are in a 30km/hr school zone, and often do not stop at the crosswalk by the school. In the winter when the snow and ice piles up on the side of the road, there is no shoulder to walk on, and the walk to school is downright treacherous.

My husband and I have worked with different government MLAs over the years, the municipal government, and the department of transportation to try and make some changes to make Highway 3 safer.

We are so deeply encouraged by the positivity, energy, and organization this group is displaying! We finally feel hope that we can achieve something wonderful together to make our main road safer. *I also run a fitness business from my home and I’d like the people who walk to my studio to feel safe.