Mya Reid

Young girl riding bike on local street in Hubbards.

I would feel safer with sidewalks in Hubbards.

I have a lot of friends who live close by and I would easily bike and walk there with sidewalks. I stopped biking to my grandparents house (they live across Hubbards), because the roads are very dangerous and cars just zoom by. When I was younger and went to daycare the teachers would walk us to Canary Beach. It was not a very long walk, but the roads were so narrow and busy, we had to walk single-file. My little cousins who are building a house on the road next to me will not be able to walk to their new bus stop at Through the Years Daycare so they will have to get driven every morning. My brother also has to get a drive to school because it isn’t safe.

Anyway, that is how I feel about the roads in Hubbards and think that we should be getting more sidewalks for the busy roads.