The Murphy Family

A portrait of the Murphy family in font of The Anchorage House & Cottages.

Hi Everyone, 

We are the Murphy’s, owners of The Anchorage House & Cottages on Shore Club Road. We have two children who adore the outdoors. You can often find us out biking, running, and exploring. As parents of young children we whole heartedly agree Hubbards needs a better design. We believe the Hubbards Streetscape Project is a great initiative for our community. The HSP team has done a great job highlighting the pedestrian safety needs of our town, they are also doing a fantastic job at promoting and encouraging community engagement.

As owners of the TAHC, we welcome and host thousands of guests from around the world each year. Our guests commute by cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and even by boat! Our perspective from operating this business has been the need for accessibility to take in the sights & shops of Hubbards. Our guests are always seeking ways to enjoy Nova Scotia. However, we often find ourselves recommending other communities such as Lunenburg and Mahone Bay due to their accessibility and ease of use. Hubbards has so much to offer tourists.  We strongly believe a key component to its improvement is Accessibility! 

Our season generally starts the beginning of May and runs until the last weekend of October. We see this project as a way to  increase tourism while minimizing vehicle traffic on the roads. We know tourists would rather walk then drive! There are endless benefits in completing this project. Two things we personally would like to see are: 1. Increased foot traffic to all local businesses in Hubbards 2. A better community identity by improving use of all public spaces such as the beauty of Hubbards Cove, parks, waterfront property, marina, local shops, restaurants, market & the shopping centre. 

Walking is one of the best ways to experience a town. It encourages people to spend money and take part in all the wonderful things we all have to offer.  Economically that’s a bonus for Hubbards. In return the walkability will encourage more people to visit in the future and therefore giving Hubbards a better future.

Finally, as full time community residents & business owners in Hubbards we look forward to having a unified, safer and brighter community to explore by foot or by vehicle for our family, neighbours and guests. 

Thank you,
-Lee and Kate Murphy