Marsha Wilson

Marsha Wilson, Hubbards Streetscape committee member, posing in a local diner.

Introducing: Marsha Wilson

Hello. My name is Marsha Wilson and Hubbards has been home for me and my husband Craig, and our kids Rebecca and Andrew, for the past nine years. After 6 corporate relocations around Canada, chance brought us to this very special place. It wasn’t long before we decided that Hubbards would be our ‘forever’ home. It is the perfect small community to live, work and volunteer in.

Currently my family runs South Shore Sea Salt, our own small business that evolved from living by the ocean. I’ve had a long and rewarding affiliation with the Hubbards Barn Association and Hubbards Sailing Club, just two of many not-for-profits here that improve the quality of life for residents and visitors. So with lovely people, incredible land and seascapes, and all the amenities you need in a walkable village, Hubbards feels pretty perfect. The irony is that our roadways are treacherous. Almost daily I’ve witnessed parents pushing strollers, dog walkers, cyclists, folks with mobility issues, and the daycare kids and staff, all trying to safely navigate their way around local traffic. It can be a high-risk game, and that’s terrifying. So now it’s time to push hard for needed change.

I feel very lucky to be part of this team, building on the work others have done and hopefully achieving all our ambitious goals. Here’s to a future where the roads around Hubbards are safer for everyone.