Erica Riley-Butler

Introducing: Erica Riley

While still living in Halifax, my husband and I always loved visiting my family here in Hubbards. We fell in love with the area, and 4 years ago decided to move here and start raising a family in a small town which both of us were lucky enough to experience. How many of us have decided to move here because of the beauty and community?! That’s really saying a lot.

As a new mother I struggled with feeling alone and being stuck at home. The library was a huge help through that time and I often wished I could walk there safely with a stroller. Fresh air and walking can do so much for your mental health. Having to drive your children only a kilometer away instead of walking seems absurd but to me it wasn’t worth the risk to walk with my girls.

*We are an active family and love walking, hiking, running, and biking but quickly realized that the roads were terribly unsafe. Now with two children under age 3 we feel that every time we walk on the roads here we are taking a huge risk. The safety of our children depends on this project. I imagine a future where the children in this community can walk to school, ride their bikes to the skate park, families can stroll to and from the market and waterfront for a picnic, and new parents can feel safe to get out for some fresh air and enjoy the community they live in.

I am so grateful to call this community home.

Portrait of Erica Riley, Hubbards Streetscape committee member, and family smiling in front of house.