Emily Harnish

My name Emily Harnish and I have lived in Hubbards for 6 years.

My husband has always called Hubbards home and we were excited to be able to buy a house in this beautiful community, and begin to raise a family. We have two children, aged 1 and 3. Our home is in the centre of Hubbards, on St Margaret’s Bay Rd (the non sidewalk half). The foot traffic passing our home is constant. Hubbards is a very walkable community and this should be encouraged, both for a healthy lifestyle and to reduce one’s carbon footprint. We try and walk around our community as much as possible, whether it’s to buy groceries, or go to the daycare, or just to enjoy the amazing views and get some exercise. Unfortunately, walking along our roads is unsettling to say the least, and often truly terrifying. I constantly feel we are only millimetres away from something happening to one of my children. Just last week I was pushing my stroller along the shoulder when the front wheel hit a rut, and before I knew what was happening, the stroller shot out onto the road in front of oncoming traffic. Luckily the car stopped and no one was physically injured.

Sidewalks in Hubbards will go a long way to keep our community members and visitors safe, while also encouraging exercise and improving our environment. I am optimistic that this project will be a success as Hubbards has grown to the point that sidewalks are a necessity.

Harnish Family bundled up from cold smiling in front of corn field during the fall season.