Dan McIvor

Dan and his children playing at Hubbards Beach in the winter

My name is Daniel McIvor and I grew up in Hubbards. My Father owned a business here for many years and served the community of Hubbards with full dedication. My Mother and Father made Hubbards our home becoming involved in community matters and developing strong relationships with other residents.

My wife and I bought my family home in Hubbards 4 years ago and started raising our own family here. My son is growing up in the same bedroom I did, walkikng the same roads that I did, swimming at the same beaches, and exploring the community with the same excitement that I had when I was a child.

I used to walk home from school in the ditches for safety... I made it a game (see how long I could walk along the edge for). Now I feel much differently about the situation. Traffic has increased and trees have continued to crowd the sides of the roads. I fear for my small kids and their safety as they commute through Hubbards as I did when I was a small child – the landscape has changed, the traffic volumes have changed, and thus safety is a much larger concern.

I know that my children will likely never have sidewalks on the majority or their walk to school; as we live on a side street, but making the rest of the community safer with sidewalks will set a tone for road safety within the community. Beautification of the streets and evidence based calming measures will reduce speeds and create a community feel that will encourage slower traffic and safer streets. I fully support safe pedestrian space in Hubbards and agree that creating a plan will only benefit the community.


Dan McIvor