Carol Simms

My name is Carol Simms, and I have lived in Hubbards for almost 50 years.

I am a walker, hiker and biker. Lately I have been walking a lot on the Rails to Trails because I do not feel safe walking on our roads in Hubbards. I have a personal interest in this project: When I was a teenager, I lived in a small community much like Hubbards, with a similar landscape. My friend and I were on our way home holding hands, me on the outside. We heard a car coming, so my friend put me on the inside and we stepped off the road onto a narrow shoulder. The next thing I knew my friend’s hand was ripped from mine, and I saw him flying in the air. I felt the car brush against my side. That was the last time I saw my friend alive. He was killed instantly. It was proven in court that speed and alcohol were contributing factors against the driver in the accident. It took me along time to get over this horrific accident. I really don’t know if one ever does. It is no wonder when my girls were young, walking and biking to school and around the community, I was overly concerned for their safety. Now I worry about my six Grandchildren who love to walk and bike around Hubbards. Only today, there are more cars, and many don’t adhere to the speed limits. I don’t feel lowering the speed limit will discourage speeders. With some ( a small majority, I might add) they are going to speed regardless. It only takes one irresponsible driver. So personally, whatever it takes, I am in favour of sidewalks in our community, or at the very least, widening the shoulders of our community roads so we citizens of Hubbards can be safe.

Just ask me if I am in support of Hubbards Street Scapes Project?

Carol Simms grandchildren, ranging in age, smiling for the camera.