Ben Davis

Introducing: Ben Davis

Hi, my name is Ben Davis and I am the husband of Shaina Falcone. I grew up in Black Point and would spend my elementary school days and summers, up until University, here in Hubbards learning and then teaching sailing at the "old HSC". I love that Shaina and I moved here in 2011 and are raising our boys in this amazing community.*
I have had enough of Hubbards being left out of much needed community infrastructure, in particular as it relates to streetscapes and road safety. When I was a kid, I used to bike from Black Point to and from the Hubbards Sailing Club every day in the summer. I remember the roads being not that friendly to bikers 30 plus years ago! It’s past time for that to change.

Today, I live on the main road, and seeing cars speed along an unsafe road in front of me is a daily observation. There is poor signage, especially for a school zone, and not enough room for walkers, strollers, bikers and special populations. I decided to take action 6 years ago when my oldest son almost became a hood ornament while in the crosswalk heading to preschool with me at Shatford School.

Since then, I have raised money, sourced a speed radar sign, and am currently waiting for provincial approval to have the vendor install them in the school zone. This is one small step, but we need a much larger and comprehensive vision for this community.

This group, and the elements highlighted within, are just that! I am excited about the enthusiasm the community is showing for this vision. I hope my 20 years of leading charitable organizations and recent volunteer experiences with the Shatford Preschool and Hubbards Sailing Club will be of assistance as we move this exciting project forward. I know this is a marathon and not a sprint, but with the community being engaged, I’m confident we will get across the finish line. Hubbards deserves this. Reach out to me on Twitter @bjdsea for a chat anytime!

Ben Davis, Hubbards Streetscape committee member, jumping and posing with two sons and wife on the beach.